Ductless Air Conditioning and Heat Pump Systems

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Why ductless air conditioning and heating?

Consider today’s most efficient gas furnace, at about 97% Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE), and now attach duct-work to that furnace to deliver conditioned air to your living space.  Duct does two things: transports conditioned air and leaks conditioned air.  If you are lucky, this duct will only travel through your basement to reach the living space. If you are not lucky, it will need to travel up exterior walls, through an attic, crawlspace or garage.  In a semi conditioned space like your basement, you may suffer up to 10% loss via leaks and radiation.  In an attic or unconditioned space, this number can climb as high as 30% or more.  Now your 97% furnace is delivering 63% of the heat it produces.

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Ductless air conditioning and heat pump systems do not suffer this malady.  Refrigerant piping carries energy to the air handler that is in the space to be conditioned. Thus, you now have zero loss of your heating or air conditioning.

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A ductless air conditioning and heat pump systems offer room to room temperature control.  You only need to condition the rooms that are occupied.

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Additionally, ductless air conditioning and heat pump systems do not depend upon fossil fuels.  They are all electric clean and green energy, producing heating at efficiencies equal to that of a high efficient gas furnace and cooling at Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) ratings surpassing central A/C systems.


Add to this that you avoid costly and intrusive duct installation, and you have a compelling argument for the ductless approach.

How a Mitsubishi heat pump works.


See how Mitsubishi can bring zoned ductless air conditioning and heating comfort to your home.

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